May 18

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April 2020 electric car news is ready for you to see now

The Leaf’s capability to fill in as needed as a mobile backup power source, or as part of a smart home system to potentially ease the load on the grid or lower your charging bills in the future, has been a built-in strength. And it’s hard to believe that nearly a decade after the Nissan Leaf was launched, one of the its best value-added cards still hasn’t been played for the U.S.

If Nissan won’t step up in the U.S., another company will. By the end of the year, there should at last be an entry in the U.S. capable of taking advantage of the Leaf’s potential as an energy device for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) schemes. The Quasar will cost about $4,000—possibly subsidized to less by utility partnerships—and made its premiere for the U.S. at CES in January. 

It will be available here later in 2020, according to Wallbox, but it will only be initially usable by those who have a vehicle with native CHAdeMO DC fast charging, like the Nissan Leaf


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