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Shocking reasons why David Oneal likes the electric porsche


Welcome to That Electric Car Show today, we learn about how Porsche might be taking a flight into space with a new Star Wars tie in and its case closed on just who keyed a model 3 last week in a video that went viral across the world and we learn why certain people are voicing there objection to electrifying classic cars and we get the top 3 tips for you to get more range from your electrify car

That Electric Car Show – Porsche, Tesla, and Classic Electric cars

Model 3 keyed

So last week all over social media was a video of a guy KEYING a model 3 while it was parked

Now of course all Tesla model 3’s are able to use a security mode called sentry mode. 

Basically the car has 4 cameras a front, back and two side cameras that can be enabled when a model 3 driver is parked 

Now in the videos posted online to the Tesla Model 3 owners you tube page, you can see this guy just walking up and casually keying this Tesla Model 3 as he walk by easily 

Well that was last week and this week due to the global attention given to this story the man who keyed the model 3 is turning himself in Police said Austin Grabas, 20, is facing one count of mischief in relation to an incident last weekend where a Tesla was keyed.

The man who keyed the tesla simply said 

“I wasn’t thinking. I made a stupid mistake,” Grabas said.

The 20-year-old said he had been cut off Friday night by a black sedan and, when he saw Leung’s black vehicle Saturday, he thought it was the same vehicle.

Grabas said he reached out to Leung and is paying for the damage done to the vehicle, which is estimated at around $1,600.

The Edmonton man saw the video posted online earlier this week and said he became overcome with disappointment and embarrassment. He turned himself into police on Thursday.

“I have to be accountable for my actions,” Grabas said about facing the mischief charge.

Wow, so sentry mode is amaizng…. But a but tricky to set up…..

Porsche and Star Wars

Now Porsche has a new electric car the Porsche Taycan and last week they unveliuevf a less expansive version of the car and there is more news as Star Wars the rise of Skywalker or episode 9 of the saga opens in less than two Months from yesterday 

And now  Porsche has announced a partnership with popular the iconic “Star Wars” franchise in an announcement on the German automaker’s Twitter.

The Taycan and the popular Pod Racer, made famous in Star Wars 1999 film The Phantom Menace partner up in the quick ad spot, showcasing the speed and elusiveness of both vehicles. While the Pod Racer is obviously fictional, the Taycan Turbo S is very real, and its impressive speed, acceleration, and sustainable features make it one of the best performance electric vehicles on the market today.

Porsche has found an opportunity to market its all-electric sports car with the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, a film coming to movie theaters across the United States on December 20.

Classic Cars and Electrical conversions

Now lots of people love classic cars and so do I, but my love of electric cars is greater now and so lots of people are looking to electrify classic cars and there are a great number of people who are doing this, however this week there was an uproar about this 

A leading body has spoken out against the widespread electrification of classic cars, stating that removing a vehicle’s original powertrain renders it no longer ‘historic’. 

The Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) has issued a statement, in which it states that it “cannot promote, to owners or regulators, the use of modern EV components to replace a historic vehicle’s drivetrain”.

Silverstone-based Lunaz issued a response to the FIVA statement, saying “as an industry and as a collective, we must respond to a changing world,” and that “offering an electric powertrain solution to those that desire it will ensure the cars we love remain a relevant and present proposition for many years to come.”

Removal of a historic vehicle’s combustion-fuelled powertrain does not, says the organisation, “comply with FIVA definition of a historic vehicle, nor does it support the goal of preserving historic vehicles and their related culture”.

It adds: “In FIVA’s view, vehicles so converted cease to be historic vehicles, unless they are subject only to ‘in period’ changes.” 

A historic vehicle is defined by FIVA as one that is at least 30 years old, preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition, not used as a means of daily transport and that is part of our technical and cultural heritage.

Tiddo Bresters, vice-president of FIVA’s legislation department, said: “It is not, in our opinion, the shape or bodystyle of a vehicle that makes it ‘historic’, but the way in which the entire vehicle has been constructed and manufactured in its original form.

“Hence if any owner, motor engineer or manufacturer chooses to make such conversions to a historic vehicle, FIVA would strongly recommend that any changes are reversible, with all the original components marked and safely stored. In this way, the vehicle may – if so desired in the future – be returned to its original state and may once again become a historic vehicle.”

Electric Car tips

Our tip this week comes from the question many ev owners have and that is simply

How do I get the most range from my electric vehicle, well here are our top 3 tips to do just that


Simply put, lead-footed driving will drain your EV’s battery at an accelerated rate. It may be tempting to leverage an EV’s immediate torque for quick launches, but it’s more prudent to take it easy when accelerating from a standing start.


Try to keep your speed under 60 mph whenever possible. You’ll not only avoid getting a speeding ticket, you’ll bolster your battery range in the process. The Department of Energy says you’ll use 14% less energy by reducing your speed by 10 mph. If your EV has an “Eco” mode, engage it for more gentle acceleration; if it has a sport mode that enlivens things, keep it switched off.

3. Inflate your tires properly 

Sources suggest that over 25% of all vehicles on the road have improperly inflated tires. As with a conventional auto, driving an EV with under-inflated tires will not only increase its energy consumption, but can lead to uneven and/or premature tread wear. Check the air pressure frequently using a simple tire gauge, as it can vary by an average of one PSI (pound per square inch) with every 10-degree (Fahrenheit) change in air temperature. Have the tires properly inflated according to the PSI recommended by the automaker. This information is usually noted on a sticker that’s affixed to the driver’s-side door frame.

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