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David Oneal That Electric Car Show 

No more gas engines

David Oneal says that making the switch to electric and hybrid cars can seem daunting when you aren't aware of the main differences between each of them. Currently, there are 4 types of electric cars on the market: Mild Hybrid, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and All-Electric.

David has had seven electric cars so far, and he will never go back to a gasoline engine ever. 

Electric Car replaces gas cars

Making the switch to an electric car is in some ways taking a step into the future. David Oneal says that stricter emissions regulations and the rise in low emission zones restrict older cars from travelling to certain areas of the USA.

David Oneal loves electric cars

An Electric Vehicle(EV or Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), also known as an All-Electric Vehicle, relies on a system comprised of an electric battery pack and an electric motor. Dave Oneal thinks electric cars are the very best.

The power from the battery pack will be the sole source of energy for your vehicle. Once the battery runs out of electric charge, your electric vehicle can only be recharged using grid electricity at your home or a public charging station.

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about That Electric Car Show

We create Electric Car Shows

Research has shown that electric cars are better for the environment. They emit less greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their life than a GAS or diesel car.

This is even after the production of the vehicle and the generation of the electricity required to fuel them is considered, David Oneal has had many electric cars and loves them for their speed and no gas station stops !

Even after taking battery manufacture into account, electric cars are still a greener option. This is due to the reduction in emissions created over the car’s lifetime.


David Oneal hosts that electric car show

David Oneal hosts a podcast and a YouTube show on electric cars that replaced that Drone Show in 2020.


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